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:: Small update

A bunch of images are added, most in the Concepts gallery.

Thanks and hope you will enjoy the new pics!

- wasssup

Jan 26, 2007

:: Site under maintenance...

Some of you might have noticed this site looks a bit different than before. Yes I dumped PHP-NUKE, finally!!! *evil* Just simply because I am sick of all those random hackers. Although the recovery was mostly not a massive task, it's not particularly funny to restore your site on a weekly basis...That sucks actually. I can never understand hackers' universe and their ":p"s. It's just annoying.

Seems everybody's happy with Coppermine Photo Gallery and I decided to give it a go, ehhrrr yeah! Major sections of the site are up, a bunch of new pics are added to the gallery. Hope I will be able to show more soon.

Thanks for staying!


- wasssup

Jan 17, 2006

:: ArtRage attack !

Actually I've been introduced to this program for quite a while but never gave it enough attention. Now you can see how damaging one's preconception is, I'm hating that I didn't try it earlier, ArtRage is awesome!

HERE is a sample I've done with this FREE painting package, the functions are really limited, which doesn't really allow you to do much but paint. But this also forces you to think more about the painting itself, a good way to practice I think.

You can find more info about the program in HERE.

- wasssup

May 28, 2004

:: The making of "Cigar"

I finally have my first tutorial done!

- wasssup

May 18, 2004

:: Still working on the tutorial section

It takes longer than I thought...I'm looking forward to finish it by this weekend.

The About and Links sections are up.

- wasssup

May 12, 2004

:: Welcome to Supalette's new home ! is officially up! All data are safely moved to the new server(Thank god!).

Thank you for mailing me, I DO read every mail, but it's becoming impossible to answer every one of them due to the large amount. I'm still working on the Tutorial and About sections, they will be up very soon too, I will then answer some questions being asked frequently there. Please come back later.

Thanks again for your stay and attention!

- wasssup

May 7, 2004

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